Are OPI Gel Nails Safe On Natural Nails?

Gel nails are extensions they may be made using brushes and three coats of gel in your natural nails. First off a base coat is implemented then observe a OPI gelcolor nail polish after which a top coat for a herbal appearance. observe the primary coat, then Use LED or UV lighting for a couple of minutes to dry.

Are OPI Gel Nails Safe On Natural Nails

Gel nails are used in nail clipping services that use a gel polish application for your nails. A gel nail essentially is a kind of artificial nail and additionally resembles a herbal nail. Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, and they both are crafted from a combination of Monomer liquid (monomer liquid is a molecule that binds two other molecules to form a polymer). Monomer liquid is used with the combination of polymer powder that allows you to shape your nail for durability.

Vulnerability of UV/LED Lighting

Gel manicures might not be secure for the ones who have very touchy pores and skin. Due to the fact that its rays are very near your hands. First of all, follow sunscreen which starts the system even though many humans consider that those rays are not harmful to their palms and that they make use of those UV lighting fixtures for additional time for durable their nails but its required less time for these lighting fixtures due to the fact its harm your skin and additionally reasons (untimely aging skin like darkish spots and wrinkles) whilst you follow gel polish, anticipate 20 minutes.

OPI gel nails heal underneath a UV(Ultraviolet) light. It is an artificial extension worn out on the fingertips, also you can observe it at your own home or in a salon relying on you. Ultraviolet light is used to dry or heal the gel for the duration of the process. Gel nails can last up to two weeks with the right care. Also, contend with your nails using nail care merchandise like oils and creams, etc. But if you nicely take care of your gel nails they can last as long as 3 to 4 weeks facet results of gel nails.

However, for nail gel, the reality is that nail gel is dangerous for your nails. The principal motive of harm is nail gel masking your natural nails and blocking the oxygen. Nail gel seems pretty accurate but it also has some side effects: while you wash your palms frequently, water enters your nails and produces bacteria and can motivate fungus. Once the peeling section starts and you rip it off and take a few layers of your nails, this form of harm can take over nearly six months to repair.

The Distinction Between Gel Nails And Acrylic Nails

OPI nail polish and acrylic nail polish (ordinary nail polish) are different from each other or logo. However, the most important difference is that the gel polish is the handiest dry in Ultraviolet and LED lighting, however, the acrylic polish dries in the air. Gel nail colors creates a sturdy layer of polish and makes it more long-lasting and durable. And the technique of getting rid of the gel polish is more complicated as properly.

Baths and bathing damage gel polish nails are more potent and thicker but warm water is the worst enemy of gel nails. Long baths and showers in warm water can damage your nail gel and cause nail lifting. So keep away from those and place gloves on in case you spend time in warm tubs. Hydrate your nails The maximum critical rule of nails is to hydrate your nails as an awful lot as you may. Hydrate with crucial oils like coconut oil, and apricot oil, and additionally use lotion for your fingers.

Pros of OPI Gel Nails

OPI gel nails last as long as 3 to 4 weeks, they are very hard and clean for making use of nail artwork. They appear vivid and herbal customers can select the shade, form and nail arts, and also length.

Cons of OPI Gel Nails

They damage your natural nails. Gel nails are at a miles higher fee than acrylic and do not ultimately lengthy and that they require changing more regularly, avoid ordinary nail trimming.


Polygel became designed to mix both gel nails and acrylic. Acrylic powder is blended in a OPI gel polish set then the first base layer is equal to gel nails. Then practice the second layer and closing pinnacle layer, polygel nails are sturdy and bendy, they could document without problems with a nail filer and buffer.