How to Find the Best Nail Salon

Perhaps the best kept secret in every manicurist is that you must never clip your own nails. Sooner or later, you will require their services after several self-damaging sessions. Beauty therapist Amy Harold explains: “Too many times I’ve had clients come in with nails they’ve just clipped themselves and often they’re uneven … part of my job is to trim and shape your nails – so let me do it.”

The nail salon is therefore an important place to visit for a person committed to aesthetic beauty. Please note that over 70% of nail salons break the protocol for mixing disinfectants properly. That is why you should be careful on which technician and product you choose. Products Such as OPI gel nail polish lack the toxicity emitted by ordinary nail care products.

How to Find the Best Nail Salon

In this article, you will identify several home procedures that will help keep your fingernails healthy. You will also discover a leading product in nail care that could be the missing link in your quest for attractive nails.

Natural Ways of Nail Care

Before you decide to visit your manicurist, there are certain steps that prevent unnecessary damage to the fingernails or toenails. Avoid overexposure to water: The nail is 1000 times more absorptive of water than the skin. Excessive water puts strain on the delicate nail cells. That is why a good manicurist will avoid water before a beauty therapy session with a client.

Do not disturb your cuticles: A lot of people develop the unconscious habit of pushing back and cutting the cuticles altogether. Dana Stern, MD, a certified dermatologist, observes that the cuticle is “the nail’s natural protective seal”; a compromised cuticle can leave the nails vulnerable and at risk of infection.”

Moisturize your hands: According to cosmetic dermatologist, Michelle Green. MD, working women should apply cream a few times a day to protect and strengthen cuticles. Eat foods with vitamins and minerals: An addition of vegetables, fruits and whole grains will provide the nutrients necessary for healthy nails and hair.

Top Three Best Kept Manicurist Secrets

Repairing nails, especially toe nails, is a humble job. Choose manicurists who love their job. Some manicurists will never tell you that acrylic nails are bad for you – besides damaging your natural nails, they are capable of emitting odors. They are also capable of concealing contaminants carefully.

As nail technicians rub off dead skin and dirt from your cuticles, they will never inform you that you neglected some of your shower duties. You do not need a manicurist to remind you to pay attention to your nails when you shower.

Your beautician will also not remind you to wash your hands regularly. Even after lunch, the hands are likely to have picked odors. These can add up to something unpleasant if left unattended. However, remember to dry and moisturize your hands afterwards.

The final thing salon operators will not tell you is that you stand the risk of infection. Many fungal infections can easily be transmitted with careless handling of salon equipment. It is a well-known fact that only an autoclave machine has the capacity of 100 % sterilization, and the expensive machines are still unavailable in most salons.

The salonist will not tell you that the environment is potentially toxic. You should realize that you are exposed to chemicals including formaldehyde resin and toluene. Choose a salonist who emphasis on products from OPI the leading manufacturer of skin care and nail care products.

Qualities of a Good Nail Technician

The role of a nail expert is to repair any damage on your nails and to shape their growth. The following is a list of personality traits you should look for in a beauty therapist.


Good nail technicians make it easy for you to make personal inquiries about the state of your nails. They enjoy discussing the best trends in nail, hair, and skin care. They hold no prejudice at your present state or nails, whatever it may be.


A good salon employee is aware that the working environment is potentially toxic. The Center for Disease Control insists that every nail technician should wear a mask, and provide one for their client. Good nail technicians will advise you on the best possible action to take to maintain healthy nails.


Choose a nail expert that provides a well-ventilated environment. The technician should also be keen about the sterilization procedures.

Right Product Choices

There are many toxic products, some consisting of cancer-causing ingredients, that are presently circulating in the market. Choose salons which use OPI gel nail polish and other OPI beauty products.


Finding a good salon and a credible salon worker is not easy in the labyrinth of salons. Finding the right brand to utilize during beauty therapy could even be harder. Because of an increasing consciousness for people to keep healthy nails.

Nail health is now recommended for men and diabetics. Unfortunately, many products in the market contain toxins. Choose genuine products from OPI who have devoted decades of disciplined industry, just to give superb and safe products. They have provided ample solutions by making tested skin care and nail care products.