Get the Ideal Party Glam for Dark Skin Tone

Dark skin has its own beauty and charm. There is nothing that can stop people having darker skin to get glammed up and look pretty. In fact, dark skin looks more attractive when given a makeover.

Get the Ideal Party Glam for Dark Skin Tone

In this article, we will overview a few important steps involved in the makeup of dark skin. These are the steps which should not be avoided at any cost in order to get a perfect, even look. Read on to find all about it.

Follow these steps

The steps given below must be followed as it is to achieve the look you want.

Prepare your skin

For prepping your skin, choose a primer that has brightening agents in it. It will help in giving a bit of glow to your skin before you move on to the actual makeup products. Give your primer a sufficient amount of time to settle completely in your skin cells.

Apply a foundation

Now comes the foundation. I suggest you use one of the best drugstore foundations for dark skin. Drug store foundations contain some target agents which help in lowering the darkening of your skin. Once you have the right foundation, apply it on your face and blend in thoroughly to achieve full coverage.

Use a CC cream

A color correcting cream could be a great addition in your makeup routine. It will help in giving a more even look of your skin. Apply it on your T zone and blend it well.

Conceal the dark parts of your skin

The patches of your skin that are extra dark should be covered with a concealer. Do not forget to match the concealer perfectly with your skin tone otherwise it will look cakey.

Set everything up

Now that the base of your makeup is all ready, it’s time to set it. Choose the best setting powder for black skin and apply it all over your face. Let it settle and give a matte look to your skin until you brush off the excess powder.

Highlight your face

Do give some extra definition to your face, you can highlight your cheekbones. I suggest you do not overdo the highlighter otherwise it will make every spot of your face extra prominent.

Don’t forget a blush on

Now choose a subtle blush on to give a beautiful tint to your cheeks. Do not use very dark shades as it will not look suitable with the rest of your makeup.

Put on a lip color

Next comes the selection of a glossy lip color to get the perfect pout. You can choose lighter colors or you can go for bold colors. It is all your creativity that counts.

Get some eye glam

Go for some creamy eyeshadow and apply them on your eyelids. Then go for a volumizing mascara for your eyelashes. You can also go for a cat eye liner to bling up your entire look.

Fixing spray

Your makeup look is complete. Finish it off with a fixing spray and let it dry for a while. You are all set to go and rock the party.


A party makeup look is easy and simple to achieve. You just need to focus more on the darker areas of your skin and try to fix it up with the right usage of the products. Follow the steps exactly as given above and you can get the look of your desires in no time. Choose the products by matching it perfectly with your skin tone and you won’t have to worry about anything else.