A Scientific Perspective about Acrylic Nail Powder

Acrylic nail powder has been used in nail decoration for a long time, nail acrylic powder products and methods of performing acrylic nails are extremely hot in the US nail market and many other countries, but most of them are in the Americas and European countries. Up to now, Acrylic nails has not shown any signs of being saturated or less hot in the nail community, it still has a certain place in the hearts of girls because they love to see and observe the process that nail technicians use this one to create powdered nails.

Let’s Get Back to the Basics of Acrylic Nail Powder

Acrylic Nail Powder

Nail Acrylic powder is applied to natural nails as a coating that both helps to beautify and shape and beautify the nails, both on the tip of the nail or to extend the natural nail, the application of acrylic nails always begins with the combination of monomer (liquid) and polymer (powder). Today’s nail powders come in a variety of colors, helping manicurists create new looks from the classic French look. But before you put powder on your client’s nails, let’s get back to the basics. Dr. Paul Bryson, former director of research and development and now director of regulatory control for OPI, reminds you why a scientific understanding of the products in use can help troubleshoot when used incorrectly.

What Is the Chemical Composition of Acrylic Powder?

In the technique of applying nail powder, two indispensable ingredients are acrylic powder and liquid powder. Many of you still do not know what liquid is and why to use liquid when applying powder. Moreover, customers when applying powder are also very worried about whether the liquid will affect their health and nails. For safe beauty, let’s learn quickly about this product with us.

Liquid Powder Nail has the main ingredient is Sulfur. Sulfur used in Nail can be in form or powder. Liquid at here is the same form, have color in the same or color in as water, special features are volatile and have a strong, unpleasant odor.

Sulfur is a compound used for drying. With nails, it is used in combination with acrylic powder to melt the powder to form a mass, when it evaporates, the powder will harden on the nail.

If used in moderate amounts, with the correct technique, it will not harm the health of nail technicians and customers.

This is well as the reason we always recommend you should the select to use the product line of famous and reputable brands, they will know how to limit the bad chemical of the essence of the nail acrylic powder and liquid to protect the health of all people.

Is Using Liquid Harmful for Health?

It is undeniable that sulfur is toxic if you regularly use it and use it in large amounts. Therefore, when using Liquid Nail powder, you need to pay attention to the dosage and make sure to follow the correct technique to ensure safety.

Some notes for nail technicians when using liquid for powder nails are as follows:

Use only the right amount of liquid when doing nails, do not pour too much into the glass, or dip the brush to apply a lot of liquid on your hands, to avoid affecting skin health and respiratory tract.

When applying powder nails, both customers and nail technicians need to wear masks to avoid inhaling sulfur vapors, should not eat or drink while doing Nails to avoid vapors going deep into the respiratory tract. Do not do powder nails continuously to avoid frequent sulfur inhalation. When pouring sulfur and applying acrylic nails, you should wear rubber gloves to avoid sticking to the skin.

Avoid direct contact of sulfur on the skin, if contact is to be washed immediately with soap. Using a vacuum at the Nail salon to quickly remove the stench of liquid. Finally, pregnant and lactating women or children should not be in direct contact with liquid.

Why Need to Use Liquid Beauty Powder?

Although there are many nail technicians want to find other techniques to replace the use of liquid powder. But sulfur is an indispensable ingredient when you want to apply powder nails.

Sulfur plays an important role in making powder nails easier, more beautiful and longer lasting. Specifically, sulfur is used to apply powdered nails, embossed flowers or used in setting stones.

Liquid powder coating is made up of liquid monomers plus a catalyst. And acrylic dip powder is made from polymers. When brushes dipped in liquid into the powder, they create a chemical reaction called “polymerization”. This is the reaction of small monomer molecules in liquid combining with ingredients in powder to liquefy the powder into long chains and networks and finally solidify.

Final thought

We hope the above information can help nail technicians and customers better understand acrylic nails and powdered liquid ingredients as well as knowing how to use them effectively for safe beauty!