Are Gel Manicures Safe? Yes, There Should Not Be Any Problem

In this era of short cuts and immediate fixes, the beauty industry has also suffered a lot. There was a time briefly when women preferred to have a quick fix to the nail beautification with nail polish that does not last more than a couple of days. It could look great for a specific occasion, but it does not serve the overall purpose of beautifying your nails and looking glamorous all the time. Thankfully, women have returned to gel manicures that promise lasting, beautiful finishes and make your nails look shiny all the time.

A Piece of Advice

Gel and lacquer polish are available a dime a dozen in the market. A significant majority of such products are not adequately tested, whereby they can prove harmful to your nails and skin. It can also affect your overall beautification because chipped nails can take more than a month to cure.

Hence, women worldwide should use quality products such as OPI soak off gel polish. One should purchase these products from genuine e-commerce retailers or authorized outlets. Another simple way is to order your OPI nail supplies from us. We guarantee the quality that you would cherish for a lifetime.

Are Gel Polishes Safe?

This question rages in every woman’s mind because nails are generally considered the windows of their health. Improperly manicured nails rob you of your glamorous looks and are also unhealthy. Besides, spending cash on polish that chips or flakes in a day or two are a criminal waste. Gel manicures should be the ideal solution to all these ills.

Gel polish is better because of its long-lasting power. Gel polish comprises a long chain of molecules that provide the necessary strength by forming a flexible and durable coat upon hardening. Yes, curing the gel manicure is a critical aspect of gel polish. Though women today use LED lamps for curing, the ideal way to do it is to use the UV lamp. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can help the gel polish set in correctly to ensure an impeccable finish.

People feel that LED does not contain UV radiation. However, it is not so. LED lamps also emit UVA radiation that can be harmful if you expose your nails and skin to it. The only consolation is that LED curing is a fast process, and it does not take much time for the gel polish to set in.

Medical studies have proved that the risk of cancer due to nail lamp exposure is low. Other activities in life are far more dangerous than the gel curing procedure. Even exposure to intense sunlight can cause UV rays to penetrate the skin and cause problems.

One way to limit UV exposure is to apply sunscreen lotion on your fingers, whereby you do not expose your skin to ultraviolet rays. Alternatively, you can use sun-protective gloves with the top portion chipped off to expose the nails alone.

Many women complain that gel polish damages the nail plates. In a way, they are right because using cheap quality gel polish is always harmful. One should not mind spending a few bucks more in purchasing quality products like OPI gel nails. Besides, these products are available in a riot of colors.

More than the gel polish, it is the polish remover that causes harm to the nails. Nail polish remover contains acetone that can dehydrate the nails and skin. Though there are ways to remove nail polish without using acetone, people prefer acetone-based nail polish removers because of the perfect job they do.

These tips can help you protect your nails even if you go for gel manicures week after week:

  1. One should rest to the nails by having a couple of weeks between two successive nail manicures. It allows nature to take over and provide a healing touch.
  2. Rehydrating the nails and the cuticle area is crucial for your nail’s health. It is advisable to use cuticle oil every day, even when you wear gel polish. It helps keep the nails flexible and moist, making it easy to peel off when you go for the removal procedure.

Here is how you remove gel nail polish:

  1. It is better to use a fine-grit nail file to rough up the area on the surface as it helps to loosen the gel polish.
  2. Instead of dipping your nails into acetone, one can soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and place them on the nails. An aluminum foil can help secure these cotton balls in place. It prevents acetone from evaporating, thereby quickening the process.
  3. After about 15 minutes, you can use an orange stick to slid e the polish off your fingers. It is as simple as that.

However, one should remember that it is possible only if you use quality products. Contact us for original OPI nail supplies online.