Features of Nugenesis Dip Powder

Nugenesis dip powder is a type of nail powder that has no toxic chemical, is odorless and gives no patches without Ultraviolet light. It is also formulated with vitamin E and calcium to make nails strong and last long. Nugenesis nail care lasts for 21days without peeling or clipping.

The dip powder is processed organically. That consists of vitamin E and calcium nail to get rid of damaged ridges. Nugenesis powder has a definite motive that makes nails grow faster and longer when the external shell prevents the nails for many weeks.

There are many positive effects of Nugenesis powder. It has a top gel that consists of Ethyl 2 cyanoacrylate which represents the same glue in Krazy glue and other super glues. This effect helps the powder to stay on the nail, but it must be on your mind if you wish to sustain the nails from chemicals.

It has an animal tested liquid nail activator that consists of chemicals. Nugenesis color also comprises of titanium dioxide called a carcinogen. Although this brand is also tough to detach, the powder contributes to the nails in terms of longevity.

However, Nugenesis powder is not suitable for those that prefer to remove nails by themselves. Nugenesis powder is the first dipping powder used by a manicurist in the whole world.

The nugenesis dip powder colors arrive from a pigmented powder instead of using Ultraviolet lamp to glue in your nail varnish.

Amidst topcoats and glue, you must put your nails into a small bottle of your desired color.

Method of Application         

Nugenesis powder has various steps for its application which are:

1st step: A medium carbide tip and electronic nail scraper must be used to reduce nail length.

2nd step: use a smooth sandpaper drum or pumice stone to distract any leftover cuticle, and nails glow.

3rd step: rub nugenesis preparatory liquid on the whole fingernail surface and for air patches.

4th step: put nugenesis top gel on the nail by fully set a back to forwarding motion to make the nails covered.

5th step: put your nails into your chosen colors and cautiously tap away any leftover powder that is on the nails.

6th step: Re-do step four & five to ensure smooth application on all nails.

7th step: carefully put nugenesis liquid activators on all fingernails.

8th step: A nail machine and a transparent bit file can be used to clean the cuticle areas, shapes and apparent nails imperfections.

9th step: scrape all nails, then allow your customers to wash and patch their nails before opting for the next level, which requires only water.

10th step: you must put nugenesis liquid activators at this moment and allow it to dry for 30 seconds.

11th step: put a transparent coat of nugenesis and gel to all fingernails.

Redo a light topcoat on the nails and allow it to patch for approximately two minutes.

12th step: rub nugenesis cuticle oil on the fingernail.

Features of Nugenesis Dip powder

  • Absence of acrylics.
  • Long-lasting and glow appearances.
  • It has a natural look.
  • It is odorless. 
  • Sturdy and portable on nails.
  • Healthy on all nails.
  • It has added vitamins and calcium for proper nail growth.

Nugenesis dip powder colors

  • It has a vegan and cruelty-free strength.
  • The powder is a healthy alternative to traditional and gel nail varnish.
  • Last longer than gel,
  • Light in weight,
  • Better than gel varnish.
  • Easy and fast to do dip powder.
  • Peel and crack resistant.

This dip powder has varieties of colors which are:

Cosmic pink, copper top, candy apple, daydreaming, boogie nights, pink fiesta, lemon-lime, star bright, twinkle toes, purple rain, sparkle and golden colors.

Process of Removal

Generally, you must soak your nail in acetone nail remover for at least an hour or more to remove the pin. Drilling may still be required and it might weaken the nails, thus the removal process also leads to various cycles to help to repair weak nails and strengthen the nails. The Nugenesis nail colors is suitable for all nail salons.


Nugenesis dip powder can be on natural nails for up to a month or more than a month without peeling or cracking. However, nail growth differs from person to person because of some factors like age, sex, health conditions, weather and hygiene.

Whenever a manicurist uses this dip powder method, the client can also request to scrape their nails by themselves. The dip powder provides healthy natural nails immediately the powder is applied on the nail.

Nugenesis nails dipping powder offers exceptionally vibrant colors and neutral favorites for all seasons and occasions. The powder is simpler, quicker and healthier than nail application than traditional acrylic and liquid gel.

The outcome of this dip powder is typically noticeable among those who use it ultimately. When opting for an electric or drilling dip method, make sure you choose a professional manicurist to help you with this method.