Valentine’s Day Nail Art That You Can Recreate Using SNS Dip Powder

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and just like any other holidays, it is also a hectic one. Aside from the romantic date plan, you also need to pick out the perfect outfit and the gift making it easy to forget about your nails. If you are thinking of coating your nails red just to get it over with, we highly suggest that you don’t. Try to spice it up a little bit this year and surprise your partner.

After all, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get a bit over the top with the hearts, glitters and those loud shades of pink and red. Convey your personality to your date or partner with the right nail design. Here is our 2020 Valentine’s Day nail art collection using SNS dip nail that you can wear this very special day to make your date’s heartbeat.

1. Sugar Power

The easiest look to pull and very timely for the season. This “sugar powder-effect” manicure is inspired by the Valentine’s Day candies. Using SNS Pink & White Collection, you can achieve the effect by layering of the pink granules over the white polish base.

2. Heart Tips

Valentine’s Day is the season of love and heart shape is the perfect symbol for it. This is perfect for those with long nails. Start off by filing your nails to create the heart’s point. Create a heart shape at the tip and be particular with the indent to form the heart. This is another easy to recreate and looks really cool too.

3. Subtle Pink and White French Tip

Not a fan of pink? No problem. You don’t have to sacrifice your feelings for the season. Go for the classic French manicure and instead of painting the tip white, put half subtle pink and white on the other half to keep the Valentine’s Day spirit.

4. Mount Crushmore Nail Tips

Finding of ways to make your crush notice you? Well, why not put in on your nails to convey the message. After you have applied the base coat, cover half of your nails with a sparkly pink glitter powder. Yes, the name doesn’t fit the occasion but trust us, the sparkle will do the work for you.

5. Pink and Red Roses

Rose is the official flower of the season and if you are thinking of putting a floral then this is the perfect one for you. Instead of filling the entire nail with flowers, try to crowd the roses on just one side of the nail. This is a cute and unique spin on the classic Valentine’s Day motif.

6. Dainty Hearts Accent

Want to be on the season but don’t want to be too loud? Well this is the design for you.  Using Dark Pink as base coat then draw a small heart using a small brush on each of the ring finger. This simple and chic design will still add some V-Day spirit.

7. Pink Polka Dots

This manicure is too cute but you can still wear it weeks even after Valentine’s Day. White or pink is the perfect base coat to recreate this look then use a red or magenta polish to create polka dots references. It’s cuter if you do it on alternate nails rather than all 10.

8. Ombre

Well we didn’t put a specific color for you to try since any color looks good on ombre. But since we are on the V-Day spririt, you can try the gradient red one. Use three or more colors of SNS dipping powder for a super chill girly vibe. Finish it with a glitter top coat and your hands will scream love from afar.

9. Shiny Nails

Too busy to spend few hours for a nail art? Why not put some pink gemstone glued on the nail to upgrade those nude nails of yours. You are already in the heart’s day vibe without spending too much time and effort. You can just pluck it out after the season and continue enjoying your nude nails.

10. Love Letter

This is by far the simplest yet the most romantic one. You can either choose a colorful base or go for a clear base then write the first letter of your partner’s name in black DND polish or you can get a sticker for a much cooler effect. Add a heart beside the letter and you’ll surely make your partner’s heart skip a beat. This is the modern day equivalent of carving your lover’s initial into a tree trunk just like the old times.

With the recommended nail, you should buy yourself a beautiful nail for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.