Features of Nugenesis Dip Powder

Nugenesis dip powder is a type of nail powder that has no toxic chemical, is odorless and gives no patches without Ultraviolet light. It is also formulated with vitamin E and calcium to make nails strong and last long. Nugenesis nail care lasts for 21days without peeling or clipping.

The dip powder is processed organically. That consists of vitamin E and calcium nail to get rid of damaged ridges. Nugenesis powder has a definite motive that makes nails grow faster and longer when the external shell prevents the nails for many weeks.

There are many positive effects of Nugenesis powder. It has a top gel that consists of Ethyl 2 cyanoacrylate which represents the same glue in Krazy glue and other super glues. This effect helps the powder to stay on the nail, but it must be on your mind if you wish to sustain the nails from chemicals.

It has an animal tested liquid nail activator that consists of chemicals. Nugenesis color also comprises of titanium dioxide called a carcinogen. Although this brand is also tough to detach, the powder contributes to the nails in terms of longevity.

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Know Some Commonly Accepted Solutions for Hair Growth

You can count on many causes of hair loss for both men and women, for which the treatments may differ. It’s a never-ending quest for thick, long hair which you are about to lose, especially in age starting from the 30s. Initial male pattern baldness is usually found around temples while slowly going up to the crowns. Even if you don’t want such Rapunzel length secrets, it’s impossible to live with continuous hair loss. Whether its pills or the best shampoo, there must be something you should consider for proper hair treatment.

Hair Growth

What Are the General Causes of Hair Thinning or Hair Loss?

Both men and women contribute to significant factors for hair thinning or balding. The most common reason among all is stress. Other factors may count among general health issues such as vitamin deficiency or disease, which lets your hair get lost very regularly.

The leading cause among men is MPB (Male Pattern Baldness), which is said to be a genetic and natural process to cause hair loss with recurring frequency in males with high-age brackets. They will first notice a thinning hairline among temples and then up to crowns. You may also observe a bald spot at the head’s back.

The main reason for MPB is a chemical called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It tends to block oxygen and nutrients from reaching their hair follicles. On the other hand, women may suffer from a vitamin deficiency or stress, which becomes their main reason for hair loss or hair thinning.

Some Accepted Hair Loss Solutions

The best hair growth pills can work if you know the science behind their purchasing as well as working mechanism. They are packed of vitamins and nutrients to combat hair loss causes and promote healthy growth of hairs. You can individually check out the labels to get separate supplements for men and women.

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Valentine’s Day Nail Art That You Can Recreate Using SNS Dip Powder

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and just like any other holidays, it is also a hectic one. Aside from the romantic date plan, you also need to pick out the perfect outfit and the gift making it easy to forget about your nails. If you are thinking of coating your nails red just to get it over with, we highly suggest that you don’t. Try to spice it up a little bit this year and surprise your partner.

After all, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get a bit over the top with the hearts, glitters and those loud shades of pink and red. Convey your personality to your date or partner with the right nail design. Here is our 2020 Valentine’s Day nail art collection using SNS dip nail that you can wear this very special day to make your date’s heartbeat.

1. Sugar Power

The easiest look to pull and very timely for the season. This “sugar powder-effect” manicure is inspired by the Valentine’s Day candies. Using SNS Pink & White Collection, you can achieve the effect by layering of the pink granules over the white polish base.

2. Heart Tips

Valentine’s Day is the season of love and heart shape is the perfect symbol for it. This is perfect for those with long nails. Start off by filing your nails to create the heart’s point. Create a heart shape at the tip and be particular with the indent to form the heart. This is another easy to recreate and looks really cool too.

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Karl Lagerfield’s cat has a Makeup collection???

I don’t even like cats but this has got to be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Karl Lagerfield’s cat Shupetta  has a makeup collection and Shu Uemera is the beauty brand behind this fashionably kittyriffic idea!

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Merrell Hollis

The career of Celebrity Makeup Artist Merrell Hollis has  been nothing short of a dream come true. From his beginnings working on video shoots in  Atlanta, to now flying all over the world as  personal MUA to Wendy Williams, I can truly say Merrell has the career Makeup Artist dream of.

With an  infectious smile and incredible makeup  skills  I consider  Merrell  royalty in the Makeup industry.  I’m excited  to  bring to you my  interview  with him off the wings of this years The Makeup Show Orlando  hosted by the Powder group.

What inspired you to become a Makeup Artist/Groomer?

I’ve always known that I wanted to work with women in some capacity and wanted to do some sort of makeup. I wasn’t sure if it was hair or fashion so I went to school for design and marketing. I also went aesthetic school, got my cosmetology license and barbering license because I wanted to know everything about the field. The art of transformation still ‘til this day wows me.

What do you love most about what you do?

What I enjoy most is transformation and pushing my limits. I’m always trying something new and going outside the box. There’s always a new technique with makeup. I love that there is always something to learn. This is the only job that I’ve really set my heart and mind to so I must give my all and most importantly love it.


Who/What has inspired you so far throughout your career?

I get my inspiration from the change of the seasons, change in beliefs and all of the extraordinary NYC women walking by. Some people who inspired me are: Pat McGrath, Sam Fine, Reggie Wells, and Roshar – amongst others.

Black Opal is one of my favorite makeup brands and I recently learned that you became their Artistic Director earlier this year; walk us through a typical day at the office.

Working with Black Opal, a trusted and international beauty brand, allows me to interact with consumers in a different way from special appearances to working on photoshoots for ad campaigns to giving input on the latest trends based off of my celebrity and industry experience. I also work closely with Black Opal’s Sr. Marketing Director, Maya Brown, on the visual aspects on the products and what goes into the products. So it truly is fun to get feedback from consumers via social world of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take it into the brand world.

What tips/suggestions can you share for prepping the skin before applying color cosmetics? What are some of the best Black Opal products to achieve this?

My tips for prepping the skin before applying cosmetics is to use Black Opal’s Even True Oil-free Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15 – having an excellent primer treatment under the makeup will treat while covering up a problem spot.

When it comes to favorites what (brand/type) brushes  do you keep in your kit? What {brushes/brand} would you suggest for the everyday woman who likes to apply a full face a few times a week?

The brushes I keep in my kit are the 3DHD Sigma Beauty Foundation Brushes. If you are a woman who likes to apply a full face of makeup, I also recommend Make Up Forever brushes – they are amazing.

What is your favorite Fall makeup trend?

The top trends in the makeup artistry for Fall that caught my eye are eye play and jewel tones. I am using jewel tones – sapphire blue, teal, yellow etc.- to create fun looks from updated smoky eyes, playful uses of liner and  colorful mascara looks.                                                              

What does the future hold for Merrell Hollis?

Lots of exciting projects are on the horizon  – but I can’t share them all just yet! For now, I’m thankful that people tune in to see my work on The Wendy Williams Show and to see me at my classes with The Makeup Show.

Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty tips from your favorite Gospel Artist

Makeup and Beauty tips from  of your favorite Gospel Artist!


I had the pleasure of meeting a few incredible ladies at last month’s Javen Album Release Concert at Faith World Church. Damita Haddon, Deleon Richards-Sheffield , and La Rue Howard to name a few. Lipstick Mixtapes is all about makeup, fashion and glamour so I had to ask the ladies what are some of their favorite beauty products, trends in fashion and how they stay glamorous while singing and praising on stage!

Damita Haddon says she never really sweats much while on stage, and she prefers a natural makeup look. Coloring in her eyebrows  with a brow pencil is a must and blush on her cheeks to add pop is necessary.
Quick Tip from Damita is to always moisturize. On her skin she uses African shea butter at night and in the morning; she says this helps to preserve the youthful look of the skin!

With her Eclectic vibe of Christian music it was a delight to talk with Giel. Her sound is truly God given and so refreshing with a sound that you can ride to and worship all at the same time!
Giel plays the guitar so she is a fan of Gel Nails with an American Manicure, or a clear nail polish. Her go to products are by a European brand called Kiko cosmetics she says she loves their eyeliner pencil and it last forever!

Senior Pastor and worship leader Kaci Stewart uplifted me so much with her encouraging words about letting God make you over and finding your true beauty in His presence.
“A responsibility as women is to be fashionable and cute and a represent as a woman of God. You can be who God has called you to be. In the presence of God our worth is shaped. When you’re in God’s presence he begins to shape who you are and relabel you and labels of man strip away and we become who God has called us to be.”
God looks on the heart. Any woman of any age she encourages to feel comfortable in their own skin and strip away the things of the past. She says let God be the one who identifies you and allow him to show you your true identity. “When you read the word and are in his presence he begins to reveal to you who he is in you and that is a beautiful thing. If God is pleased that’s what it’s all about.”

LaRue Howard is a well-known fixture on the Orlando gospel music circuit. Leading praise and worship full time since 2001, LaRue says her goal is to pour into and teach other up and coming worship singers. She wants them to not make the same mistake that she did and that’s what kingdom building is all about!
I loved her look and her Natural hair looked great with hints of reddish brown highlights! LaRue let me know she was excited to be wearing flats during the concert, because she wanted to be comfortable and be able to give her all to the Lord. Her outfit was perfect with the flat boots she was wearing and she brought the house down with a great praise song!

DeLeon Richards-Sheffield
Many of you have heard of Deleon Richards- Sheffield from when she was a little girl singing. I can remember listening to her growing up and just being in awe of her small but powerful voice. I was all too excited when it came time to talk with her and she offered great fashion staples and the power of touching people through song!
“When you can open up your mouth and whatever comes out touches people it is a beautiful thing!”
Her makeup was beautiful, her fashion staples are a good pair of jeans a nice white tee and a great pair of kicks adding a pop of color is key!

For more beauty tips and more on the concert make sure you pick up the June issue of Gospel Now Magazine.